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Booth: 1760
Date: July 12-14, 2022
Location: San Francisco, CA

Join KYZEN in San Francisco, as we exhibit at SEMICON West 2022. Find us at Booth #1760 in the Moscone Center as we take this unique opportunity to showcase our Advanced Packaging products. Take a look below at what we are highlighting:


MICRONOX MX2708 is formulated for the demanding cleaning challenges presented within leadless devices such as low standoff gaps and fine pitches of Cu Pillar flip chips, 2.5D/3D ICs, SiP and AiP. MX2708 completely removes organic acid residue of all kinds at low, safe operating concentrations all while having no effect on exposed metal and intermetallic alloys including Cu, Al, Sn, Pb, Ni, Ag, and Au finishes. MICRONOX MX2708 most effectively cleans organic acid flux residues at lower concentrations in spray-in-air cleaning systems.


MICRONOX MX2127 is an aqueous, single-phase and well-balanced chemistry designed to remove lead-free flux residues from all types of IGBT module devices that utilize copper and nickel DBC as substrates. It performs well on removal of common no-clean flux residue at low concentration and low temperature as well as leaves a nice and shiny aluminum bond pad and DBC surface after cleaning for post wire bond process. With a balanced formula, MX2127 is also compatible with anti-oxidation materials, commonly known as OSP. MX2127 is designed to be used and easily monitored in in-line SIA cleaning system.

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