Find KYZEN at PMTS 2023,
Booth #5059

Date: April 18-20
Location: Huntington Convention Center

Are you looking for solutions for your parts cleaning process? Come by Booth #5059 from April 18-20 and talk to one of our cleaning experts about the right solution for you. Click below to register!


With the EPA beginning to ban traditional solvents, and the industry starting to stray away from the manufacturing of PFAS, replacement products are needed. So what's the good news?

At PMTS, KYZEN will be highlighting our key vapor and vacuum degreasing products that are key solutions to the eventual absence of traditional solvents and PFAS-based additive products. When the industry changes, KYZEN continually improves to find the solution for your specific need.  

If you are curious about the upcoming regulations for PFAS products, Check out KYZEN's own Ram Wissel as he talks about Vapor Degreasing, and what you need to know about PFAS in one of our weekly Tech 2 Tech sessions. You can subscribe below to receive weekly educational cleaning sessions sent directly to your inbox.

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Joe McChesney
Weds, April 19, 2023: 9:15 - 9:45 AM
Room 19
Exiting nPB Solvent - The Right Decision
As older generation solvents are facing possible bans by the United States and EPA, newer generation solvents offer sustainable cleaning options for the solvent user needing a viable replacement but also will help future-proof cleaning operations. This presentation covers the safe replacements that will help fit your production needs.



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